27th Aug 2015


What is Cialis Used for and Other Information

Are you that person who never pays a visit to your bed with your partner? You decided that each one of you should have his/her own bed. That decision came after you found out that your sexual pleasure could never be aroused again. You can’t maintain an erection for long thus making the all idea of sex boring. Erectile dysfunction affects men especially those who are above their active ages and the good news is that there is a medication for that. The Cialis soft is a drug that has been designed in causing you to have a hard erection. By having a hard erection when you are sexually active when performing sex each one of you will reach orgasm. You will not be a victim of premature ejaculation but a man who can make his partner never look for another sexual mate. Today, you are going to learn important information about Cialis soft a medication which you may have been searching for years. Take a look below;

How it Works

Cialis soft works in a simple way that you can imagine. You can’t get a hard erection if less blood is supplied to your penis. There comes a time especially when one is old and the amount of blood pumped to the penis area tend to diminish. By using this erectile dysfunction drug your body will be informed to send more blood to the penis. The arteries will always be relaxed when under the use of Cialis soft thus getting more and more blood for a hard erection.

Buy Cialis in New Zealand pharmacy

Buy Cialis in New Zealand pharmacy

When to Use Cialis

Doctors in New Zealand advise patients experiencing erectile dysfunction to use this drug once in a day before having sex. For example, if you want to have sex with your wife at noon time, you need to take the prescribed pill an hour before the act. Your body needs at least 30 minutes before it can get the effect of this medication. You should have your partner next with you during that time to increase your sexual desire natural as the drug also does its own part.

Why Use Cialis

There are many erectile dysfunction drugs that you may have tried but it didn’t arouse you that much. Cialis soft is different because it will always be active in your body for more than a day. If you take it today, you will enjoy sex after 30 minutes and the next two days without taking any further dose. With other ED drugs you will need another dose each and every day before sex. That is one attribute that gave this Cialis product a breakthrough.

Can Ladies Use it?

NOTE: This medication is for use by MEN only and ladies should never try to use it. In case of accidental use by a female, a doctor’s advice should be the first priority. The pills should also be kept away from the reach of children.

Time is now every man with premature ejaculation and lack of hard erection should cheer up because Cialis soft is an answer to their trouble. This drug is available in local chemist and online pharmacies too.

4th Aug 2015


Know More About Cialis Soft

Cialis soft is the kind of the tablet that is much popular in the market of fertility and sexual health. This drug is also popularly called as super Viagra as it has got the capability of acting much faster and also can make the effect last for quite longer time. These are the tablets that come with oral lozenges compounds and also the compounds that can be dissolved quick. There are so many different flavours in which these tablets are available. They provide you with a chance to choose the kind of the flavor that you love the most. The most common flavors in which this tablet is available include banana, strawberry,lemon and mint. These medications are also popularly called the sublingual. They have the capability for dissolving immediately when they are kept under tongue. Their presence can be detected in plasma within just 10 minutes after that. This really states that the tablet can start functioning within about 15 minutes.

Cialis soft in New Zealand

Cialis soft in New Zealand

How it Works ?

Soft cialis has got the capability for stimulating dopamine receptors which are there in mid brain and hypothalamus which can really enhance the process of natural erection. There are chances for this to result in the transmission of excitory signals to the spinal cord. It can thus as a consequence stimulates the activities associated with sacral nerves which supplies the penis.

It makes the smooth muscle of penis to be smooth, relaxed and also to dilate. The arteries of penis that are dilated can be filled with corpora cavernosa and blood and can make the penis become erect. It can give erection to about 19 minutes. The tablet is found really much effective for most of the users. Viagra may need you to wait for one hour for it to work, this can really spoil the whole environment but this tablet is much effective and fast.


There was a huge research going on in the field of enzyme inhibitor named IC351. It is this inhibitor which actually talks about the way the solution for erectile dysfunction operates. It is during this research that the Pfizer research found that the sildenafil citrate which is used for heart patients can easily cause erection. This was the result that they got when they did clinical studies on the medication.

The medication then went on testing for quite a long time. After one long year of research it was found that Sildenafil Citrate has got the capability for working against impotency. Pfizer was the individuals who found this. Icos began doing the reserved again on the same and they did not get patent in the first time during the year of 1995. The drug was then tested on the patients who were suffering from erectile dysfunction. The research on the patients lasted for about two years and then the company joined with Eli Lilly & Co for marketing the drug and also resolve the issue of erectile dysfunction.

Direction to Use

Use this drug just 10 minutes for sexual activity for getting good results. The drug needs to be consumed only one time in three days.