29th May 2016


Buy Cialis 20 in New Zealand

What is Cialis?

Tadalafil, marketed under the name Cialis is a pill that relaxes the walls of the blood vessels. It also increases the flow of the blood to specific areas of the body. The pill is used to treat erectile dysfunction and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Cialis comes in almond-shaped tables and is administered orally. The tablet contains 2.5, 5, 10 or 20mg of Tadalafil.

Buy Cialis 20 in New Zealand

Buy Cialis 20 in New Zealand

How to use Cialis

The formulation of Cialis is different from other popular ED drugs like Viagra and Staxyn. When you compare Cialis with other drugs of the same class in terms of performance, Cialis can work up to 24-26 hours meanwhile the other drugs can last just for six hours. This the reason it is named “the weekend pill”. It is recommended to be taken one time per day since it can last up to 36 hours. It is advised to take Cialis 30 minutes before sexual activity. With Viagra and Levitra, they recommend patients to take them 60 minutes prior to sexual activity.


You can take Cialis daily or as-needed (normal course). When you take it on a daily basis, it is advisable that you take lower dosage. For daily dose, 2.5mg is recommended. Daily Cialis intake has shown to be effective to improve erectile functioning, better than the course treatment. When taking a daily dose, make sure you take approximately the same time each day to get good results. If the 2.5mg is not effective, check on your doctor and you can be recommended 5mg daily.

The recommended dose for the course treatment is 10mg. Cialis is available in 10mg, 20mg and 5mg. You can increase the dose to 20mg or even reduce to 5mg depending on your effectiveness.

If you miss your dose, you can take it when you remember, but make sure it is not more than one dose per day. It is always good to take Cialis as prescribed by your doctor.

Food and alcohol restrictions

There is no restriction to take Cialis when it comes to food. You can take Cialis with or without food, before or after meal. The only restriction is for men to abstain from grapefruit juice when taking Cialis. It can increase blood levels for the drug. Higher blood levels for Cialis can have side effects.

If you combine alcohol with Cialis, you can have side effects. Cialis can lower blood pressure and when you take it with alcohol, it can bring about dizziness, hear palpitations and headache. Make sure you take extra care when you take alcohol while on Cialis.

Cialis side effects

The most common side effects of Cialis are headache, stomach upset, myalgia, cough, back pain, muscle pain, stuffy nose, dizziness or upper respiratory tract infection. The side effects come as the ability of PDE5 inhibition that cause blood vessels to widen. This goes away within a few hours. Aches and pains can take place 12 to 24 hours after taking Cialis. The aches and pains usually disappear after 48 hours. For you to reduce the dizziness, it is always good to get up slowly when you are sitting or lying down. Some of the side effects of Cialis does not need medical attention. But if you feel the side effect for long periods, seek medical advise from your doctor. As you are adjusting on the medicine during treatment, the side effects can disappear.

How to Buy Cialis online in New Zealand

There are many sites online that you can buy Cialis from in New Zealand. Most of the sites provide delivery time to be 5-9 days. So it is necessary for you to calculate your timing before passing an order. You can get it from New Zealand, Pharmacy Online, or Online Pharmacy New Zealand. You can also Google the web for more online pharmacies to purchase Cialis.

Cialis has helped millions of men with erectile dysfunction improve their sexual effectiveness. The daily Cialis prescription has made the drug very popular among men as it has improved greatly their sexual and erectile dysfunction.

Make sure you see your doctor before taking Cialis. Cialis should not be taken by those taking nitroglycerin or other drugs containing nitrates. A combination of the two can pose life-threatening drops in blood pressure. Make sure you take Cialis at the right intervals recommended by your doctor.

26th May 2016


Cialis for sale in New Zealand

Cialis is one of the best treatment available for people suffering from erectile dysfunction or other related ailments. Today, there are many men who are using Cialis as a remedy to problems they face at their bedroom. The treatment has worked for every person and the results have always been good. Men with erectile dysfunction have opted for this because they have been prescribed by their doctors and they are aware of their effects as well as the side effects. Although it is very important to consult your doctor first, Cialis can now be purchased online in New Zealand. There are many people selling Cialis online without prescription.

Cialis for sale in New Zealand

Cialis for sale in New Zealand

Buying Cialis online in New Zealand is now becoming popular and the easiest way. Many of these websites offer discounts to their patients which attract more men to purchase Cialis online other than spending time on over the counter medication and consulting with their doctors. People find purchasing Cialis online cheaper and have some added benefits. There are many different types of Cialis which can be purchased online whereas most chemists do not have all of them. Since Cialis is used by both old and middle aged men, they find it comfortable ordering it at their home other than going to look for it at chemists.

Buying Cialis online do not require any prescription, but it is highly recommended that you check with your doctor, to ensure that you are aware of how to use and its side effects as well. Since Cialis increases the rate of blood flow, people with heart disease problems could have some effect and could be fatal as well. Online Cialis without prescription is the best way which eliminates the problem of waiting for long to have it, especially for men who want to engage in sexual activity without wasting much time.

How to take Cialis.

Cialis can be taken when needed, the recommended dose in most patients is 10 mg. the dosage may be increased to 20mg or decreased 5mg depending on the individual tolerability and efficacy. The recommended dosing to a most patient is once per day. Some medication can cause dangerous effects when taken together with Cialis, therefore, you should tell your doctor about your current state.

Cialis should not be taken if you are using nitrate drugs for heart problems and recreational drugs such as poppers. This might cause the sudden decrease in blood pressure.

Side effects
Cialis can reduce the blood flow to the optic nerve, causing vision loss. Seeks for emergency medication if you come across this problem. Other side effects include

  • Painful erection which may last more than 4 hours
  • Chest pain
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Pain spreading to your shoulder and jaws.

Cialis have shown to be a wonderful medication to men who wants to improve their sexual life. Cialis has helped many people bring back their broken marriages due to poor performance in bed. The good news to men living in New Zealand is that; Cialis prices and delivery is really satisfying. We join hand with Cialis manufacturers and that is why we give you an opportunity to buy Cialis at the most affordable price.

14th May 2016


Stay safe as you buy Viagra online in New Zealand

As technology advances, new ways to conduct business are discovered. Today e-commerce is the talk of the day; everyone is talking about buying products or services online if not selling them online. The internet has bridged the gap between the seller and the buyer in a great way making transactions just a matter of few clicks and the transactions is complete. With this advancement of e-commerce, medical products have found their way into the ecommerce world; it has made it easy for customers to purchase medical products from online drug stores from their homes, offices or wherever they are. Viagra is among the drugs you can buy from the online stores, although Viagra is known to be safe for usage for the men with erectile dysfunction issue, it can turn out to be one a dangerous scenario if the buyer buys the “Viagra” pills without taking the necessary precautions. Viagra is one of the medications that has been known to be faked and apart from that it is has become an avenue for some people to steal money by claiming to sell the medication while the reality is they don’t have it or what they have is counterfeit and dangerous substance they claim to be Viagra. In this article, I guide you through the right procedure of purchasing Viagra online and also inform you what you need to know about Viagra to stay safe as you embark on your journey to purchase Viagra.

Buy Viagra New Zealand

Buy Viagra New Zealand

Viagra which is available in two forms, the branded Viagra, and Generic Viagra have been around for a long time and have worked for most men, and it has been proven to be safe and effective hence the earning the name Viagra super active. As you start the process you purchasing Viagra, you should know that branded Viagra is expensive compared to the generic version due to marketing costs but the two work identically. Price is one of the strategies that will be used to lure buyers into buying the counterfeit Viagra, avoid cheap Viagra, put your health first because it is what matters most. Avoid the drug store who offers Viagra without a prescription; the genuine dealers must have some information about the medication and if they don’t you should not consider them at all.


Make sure to identify genuine dealers of Viagra; it is essential as it will give you the guarantee or the confidence that the dealer will deliver original Viagra, and there are no risks of losing your money. To identify a genuine dealer is simple, the first thing you need to do is check the customers review of the dealer, usually check the third party websites that offer reviews. In these website reviews, you will see what the previous customers experience were and evaluate whether the dealer is authentic. You may find several dealers, go with the one who offers the best deal in service quality or price deals like discounts.


After purchasing the medication from the online drug store, it is 100% safe to follow the prescription given by the online dealer. You should book an appointment with your doctor and get a prescription; it will be greatly influenced by your medical condition and medical history. It is also ideal to take the medication with you to the doctor for originality verification.


8th May 2016



Viagra is a brand of sildenafil which helps in relaxing muscles found in the walls of blood vessels to increase the rate of blood flow in different parts of the body.


This drug is used mostly by men to treat impotence. In this case, it increases the rate of blood flow in the erectile tissues of penis and therefore improving erection. Its results are best when it is taken before eating anything and its effectiveness lasts for up to six hours.


Viagra have very risky side effects when used with some types of drugs, therefore it is important to inform the doctor the type of medication one is using before starting on Viagra. It’s also advisable to tell the doctor other medical conditions one has to avoid more serious side effects.

This drug is taken according to doctor’s prescription and it should never be taken in large or small quantities as it might cause some problems. It should be taken few minutes or half an hour before sexual activity. Viagra should not be taken more than one time a day and one should not take alcohol while taking Viagra since it reduces its usefulness . In some cases, Viagra may cause dizziness or nausea. Viagra reduces the rate of blood flow to the eyes thereby causing sight loss. Some other side effects of Viagra include heart attack, prolonged erection , difficulties in breathing.

Viagra is available online. There are several websites created for Viagra selling purposes. It is easy to purchase Viagra online in New Zealand and it is also very cheap. There are several websites from where one can buy the Viagra online. Just open the website, make your order, pay with visa cards and delivery at the door is timely . There are some advantages of buying Viagra online such as best prices, rewards after purchasing, it’s an easy process and there is also confidentiality.

There are two types of Viagra; Brand Viagra is the original Viagra manufactured by pfizer inc. while generic Viagra is produced by different companies with different names. Generic Viagra is cheaper compared to brand Viagra since the manufacturers have a way readymade for them by the original manufacturer of brand Viagra. Generic Viagra is sold worldwide and it comes with different names but brand Viagra is sold by selected pharmacies and it has a precise trade name. The components and performance of both brand and generic Viagra is equally the same.